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The fastest growing exchange in Asia and Africa.

The creation of Belfrics was inspired by the enormous potential of digital currency — a financial environment of transparency and efficiency, decentralised currency system, and greater access to financial markets that were once open only to professionals.

At Belfrics, we are constantly striving to offer both experienced and new users a secure and reliable access to the world of cryptocurrency, ensuring that they receive the best return on investment (ROI). Unlike many other Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) where the actual product is years away, we are not selling merely an idea. Belfrics has already established itself as a reliable digital currency exchange and a leading software development firm in more than eight countries including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Middle East, and African nations.

Driven by the commitment to enable users with seamless accessibility to using Bitcoin, we have created our proprietary ecosystem. It is a hybrid model that encompasses the benefits of both centralised and decentralised exchanges. Belfrics cryptocurrency brokerage platform not only features top-notch usability but also facilitates users with a liquid order book.

We have carefully spread our operations in to various aspect of Blockchain space. Since the Blockchain space is vast and the potential is huge, we have divided our operations in to smaller blocks. Our operations can be broadly classified as below:



Belfrics is headquartered in Malaysia with its live exchanges operating in Singapore, India and Kenya. Belfrics development team and operational team are based out of Malaysia and India. Belfrics Japan is setup to obtain crypto exchange and Money transmission license to conduct global Crypto based remittance services. By end of 2017, we plan to operate 5 more exchanges in African region.

  • hybrid Belfrics - Hybrid exchange solution
  • shared Distributed Shared Orderbook (DSO)
  • white-label White label exchange solution
  • secure-payment Online cryptocurrency payment gateway
  • belfrics-bt BelfricsBT - The blockchain consultancy and development specialist.
  • kyc Belrium KYC based Blockchain


  • 2014

    Belfrics conceptualized

  • 2015

    Started providing blockchain consultancy and development solution

    Belfrics receives seed funding

  • 2016

    Belfrics Exchange platform initialized and Singapore Exchange became live

  • 2017

    Q1 - Belfrics India Exchange launched

    Q2 - Belfrics Kenya exchange launched

    Q2 - Belfrics enters into an in-principle agreement with UMM Retail Application - a retail B to C application startup

    Q3 - September - Belfrics ICO

    Q4 - Belfrics proprietary trading platform launch

  • 2018

    Q1 - UMM Retail Application launch

    Q2 - Belrium blockchain launch