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The Experts behind

Our New Technology

Our Team’s creativity and brand thinking has helped us push to the invention of Belrium - The next generation of cryptocurrency. We are shaping up to be the next big thing in technology. Take a look at the tech geeks behind our work. Come join us and contribute your part in making the evolution.



Praveenkumar linkedin

Chairman & CEO

Praveen is the founder and CEO of Belfrics Group. With over 15 years of experience in Financial markets with specific expertise in OTC and exchange traded derivatives. He has served multiple financial institutions in India Middle East and Far east and have provided liquidity solution to various exchanges. He was instrumental in providing liquidity solutions for soft commodity derivative contracts in Indian and Singapore exchanges. He also owns an IT and financial services firm, providing solution to FOREX and commodity market participants. He is constantly involved with various regulatory authorities in drafting framework and policies for OTC market participants. His deep understanding of trading platforms and payment solutions technologies fuels Belfrics’s technology conceptualization.


Jabeer linkedin

Group Chief Operating Officer

Jabeer has done his Masters in International Trade Management and holds extensive experience in OTC markets. With over 12 years of operational experience in International Financial Markets, that includes equity, commodity and FX, Jabeer takes care of Belfrics Global operations as Chief operating officer. Jabeer has worked in with Major broking firms in India and Dubai for over a decade. His equally good exposure to business development and understanding of online derivative markets trading space, provides a crucial advantage for us in positioning our product offerings in the crypto currency domain.

Mohan Krishnan

Mohan Krishnan linkedin

Head of Business Relations

Mohan holds an MBA in Marketing management from Calicut university and has over 13 years of hardcore experience in Money markets and OTC trading industry. His experience is extensively in executing integrated sales, marketing and business development campaigns in the global financial services technology sector. His deep understanding of Asian markets has accelerated Belfrics exchange growth in these region.

Vazeem Jadeer

Vazeem Jadeer linkedin

Head of Support

Vazeem holds Bachelor of Business Management and has gained excellence in customer service and dealing operations with world’s leading financial institutions. He holds excellent understanding of trading platforms, equity, commodity and FX dealing knowledge and an acumen for customer service. In his previous engagements, he has worked with legal counsel and compliance officers to ensure regulatory compliance.

Justus Kimasyu

Justus Kimasyu linkedin

Director, Kenya

Justus has an strong passion for the currency markets and he heads or Kenya operations. He is a high energy executive in the financial market. He has worked as a cross functional mid-senior management professional and have developed skills across the sales, marketing, service delivery, operations & strategic functions. He specialized in developing sales, processes, functions and driving organizational strategy at the ground level. With over 5 year hard core experience in the OTC foreign exchange market, he has obtained the expertise required to assist in consult potential business partners in the financial markets across Africa. Justus Holds a diploma in Business Management

Pengiran Hafiz

Pengiran Hafiz linkedin

Director, Asia Pacific

Pengiran Hafiz is proactive leader with expertise in strategic planning, plan execution and team building. He is an Innovative thinker with a proven track record of increasing revenues, establishing networks, streamlining workflow and creating a team work environment to enhance productivity effectively. He is a skilled communicator, well travelled in establishing beneficial relationships with key players in the Asia Pacific region. Hafiz hold a degree in Business Management and has worked with some of the leading Foreign Exchange brokers in Malaysia and Far East.

Milind Shirodkar

Milind Shirodkar linkedin

Head of Sales, Indonesia

Milind is a double masters holder in Business Administration and Commerce. With over 7 years of experience in Financial markets and extensive understanding of South East Asian Markets, Milind spearheads the Belfrics Sales for Indonesian Markets. He holds extensive experience in International corporate sales, business development, investment and customer services to the Asia Pacific markets. Milind is customer-focused, is an excellent verbal and written communicator, large contract negotiator and out-of-the-box strategic thinker.


Raghu linkedin

Senior Blockchain Developer

Raghu's association with blockchain begun when he was attempting to settle payment transactions over mesh networks(read peer to peer).

He spent significant time building solutions within supply chain and trade finance using blockchain based technologies. Being committed to work on core blockchain protocols, he overlooks platform design and implementation of belrium blockchain.

Having written code for a silicon valley startup, he understands how to scale and alternatively working as a product manager he understands how to build products that customers love. He believes in the idea of scale fast or fail fast.

You can see him playing volleyball or touring on his motorbike whenever he is not thinking about blockchains.


Along with inhouse blockchain developers, Belfrics Blockchain development is carried out by two more tech firms:


UMM Studios & Technologies linkedin

Bangalore & Chennai

UMM is entrusted with managing the technology division of Belfrics. The founders of Belfrics strongly believe that collaborative effort will yield much better results and efficiency than doing everything by ourselves. By making UMM to manage our technology division, we achieve optimum process capability, talent sharing, efficient process methodology, and optimal usage of our resources. UMM will also be contributing to belfrics technology division by providing UI development, system architecture, and ERP solutions.


Oodles Technologies linkedin


Along with our inhouse blockchain developers, Oodles Technologies delivers effective blockchain developments solutions for Belfrics. Oodles have delivered cryptographic proof of work systems for organizations worldwide to simplify transactions. Oodles is a team of multi-disciplined domain experts who strongly believe in delivering a positive and holistic customer experience throughout the product development lifecycle. Oodles has played a leading role in conceptualizing Belrium KYC blockchain ecosystem. Having Oodles as our blockchain developing partner, arms belfrics with strong processing efficiency and fast TAT.


Murali Krishnan

Murali Krishnan linkedin

Advisor-Strategic planning

A dynamic professional with 14 years of experience and proved expertise in Family Office management , Portfolio management , Equity ( International & Domestic) and Real estate Funds and Structured products. Headed One the most reputed family office and lead investments in major tech /Ecommerce companies in the country.With right skills of financial analysis has implemented competent strategies to explore and expand into the market.His ability to establish the right strategic alliance with channel partners and increase market reach has helped organisations to launch and develop business across the nation. MBA in Marketing and Finance from IBS Hyderabad, his adroitness at handling investment portfolios for institutions ,Trusts, Corporates and Individuals alike make him consistent with tapping various investment opportunities and framing asset management strategies while estimating the future profitabilities

Fairuz Omar

Fairuz Omar linkedin

Advisor- Oil & Gas sector

Fairuz is a seasoned O&G professional who has been involved in EPCC/EPCIC downstream and upstream projects for the past 12 years. Focusing in the project management and procurement that involves financie and IT to support the development and to operate the projects. He has been involved in building petrochemical/refinery plants, storage tanks and oil filed developments. He has been part of digitization of many of the process work flow in the petrochemical plants. Having Fairuz as our advisor will help Belfrics to deliver precision blockchain solution to O&G sector. Fairuz is also deeply involved in securing Malaysian government contracts for Belfrics blockchain division.

UMM Retail Application


Mr.Santhosh Palavesh linkedin


Santhosh Palavesh is an award winning young entrepreneur carrying over 10 years of expertise in digital transformation ranging from technology to digital marketing to blockchain, Santhosh Palavesh founded one of India's Top Digital Agencies, UMM Digital which servers in over 3 countries and is the digital transformation partner for over 350+ firms around the world including Fortune 500's. Mr.Santhosh Palavesh carries expertise is Digital technologies, Digital Marketing, Blockchain conceptualization, Business Development, Training, Entrepreneurship and so on.

Santhosh Palavesh has trained & built technology teams with hundreds of members and has helped numerous brands achieve digital transformation with phenomenal results and metrics. Santhosh Palavesh is now set on a mission to provide retail growth hack using blockchain based retail products helping retailers and brands grow in all aspects of sales & marketing to improving the shopping experience for customers.